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Our work is fueled by vision.  Our desire is to have you learn about yourself, grow as a human being and get what you want in your life and your life work.  My intention and work as your coach is to get you to find your answers, discoveries and realizations that give voice to transforming ways of being which will support you in breaking through some of your life barriers and limiting beliefs.  It is a process to close the gap between your dreams and your current reality. It is important that you trust the process and be committed to doing the work.

Thelma Horton, principal, has extensive training and experience in human development, goal setting and assessment, action planning techniques, behavioral modification, social and organizational development.  She provides coaching that inspires people to get their best life.  Our coaching is framed on the Christian faith, centered on personal engagement and fundamental business principles.

We generally start the coaching relationship with a free 30-45 minute discovery call which will determine the type of coaching (personal or business), and also would determine if we are a fit for those services.  If we mutually agree, we are a good match (our personal energy being in agreement is very important), we would forward our coaching agreement and the necessary forms to be completed.  Coaching sessions are generally 45 to 60 minutes on a weekly cycle.  

We offer different coaching relationships as follows:

i.  Coaching can be on demand at a premium of $250/hr - schedule the time, call me and we would work through the issue with no follow up session.  

ii. Coaching can be on a quarterly cycle driven by specific goals or milestones at per session rate of $150/session  with pre and post session assessment tools. 

iii. Coaching can be on a six-month cycle driven by a desire to shift or transform a specific life barrier at a rate of​​$150/session with pre and post session assessment tools plus participation in one or two workshops specific to the transformation goals.  All workshop costs are the responsibility of the client.  

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