Thelma Horton dba Zoweh Consulting and Coaching - is a high-energy, results-oriented visionary whose real strength is her ability to open doors and connect people strategically for new opportunities.

She specializes in developing creative, strategic, innovation solutions for companies that wish to conduct business in Africa, and for private and public entities in Africa that desire to develop business and investment relationships in the United States. Thelma works specifically on business development and strategy projects, helping to identify, target and attract new relationships that are aligned with the clients core values, mission and product focus.

“Your job is not done when you have determined your goal. You must also plan for and determine how it is to be accomplished. Goals and plans are meaningless if they cannot be executed successfully!”  - Gary Ryan Blair


As a Strategist, Thelma is skilled in designing and planning action and policy to achieve a major or overall aim or goal. The focus on sustainable development is based on three criteria: environmental protection, social progress and economic development.

As a Personal Development Coach, the focus is on “breaking through” to the future, NOW. Thelma Horton offers a rigorous, results oriented, solution focused, actualization process that will enable the client to “crystallize their vision” - to give definite or concrete form to the way they see or conceive their personal or business purpose. The intention is to have the client declare specific goals based on the vision, energize the strategy to obtain the goals and create the path to realize the vision through manifestation practices.

As a Facilitator for meetings or transactions, our presence is unbiased, with no agenda, focused on pulling in all points of view and creating a win-win for all parties involved. We are committed to fully exploring the ideas and opportunities, setting priorities and an action plan based upon the desired outcomes. We build the trust that allows the process to be completed.

Our Solution Marketing begins with analyzing and identifying target markets and channels of opportunity, defining the ideal relationships, designing the go-to-market strategies and mapping the path to successfully open doors.

 Simple Approach for Engagement

i.         Initial Consultation.   We meet in person or via teleconference to discuss and clearly define the goal – THE WHAT. We explore the overall purpose, the obstacles and the benefits associated with the desired outcome to clarify THE WHY. We explore the ideal relationships (customer, partner, investor, etc) – THE WHO. We discuss the target market – THE WHERE. We establish time lines – THE WHEN.

ii.         We prepare a proposal that describes the process, objectives, deliverables, projected budget and timetable for the project, program or opportunity. – THE HOW

iii.         Upon acceptance of the proposal, we begin – THE WORK


Thelma is committed to building relationships, bringing awareness and providing consulting services for clients who are committed to participating in economic development, social justice and humanitarian projects that contribute to the development of Africa, the empowerment of African people and the illumination of the cultural history of Africans and African Americans.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.” Mark Twain



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